Football League

The Football League or the English Football League is a league competition that features Wales and England’s professional association football clubs. The Football League was the official name used during its creation in 1888. It was considered as the best football league since its creation until 1992, when 22 of its clubs broke away and formed the prestigious Premier League. During the 2016-2017 seasons, it officially changed its name to the English Football League.

Football League Facts

At present, the Football league is home to 72 professional football clubs. Three of these clubs are in Wales while the rest are in England. It is the oldest football league in the world, which started with only 12 members. By 1950, the league was home to 92 clubs.

The Football League is home to the EFL Trophy and the EFL Cup. These are two knockout competitions held every season.

Financial considerations caused 20 clubs to break off from the league and the creation of the Premier League. Though the league lost 20 clubs, it still continued to work as one especially in the relegation and promotion, since all clubs that want to be members of the Premier League must initially be members of the league.

When it comes to the cause or reason behind breaking off of the 20 clubs that led to the creation of the Premier League, it was attributed to financial considerations.

Competitions under the Football League

The Football League is home to a league tournament and the English Football League Cup. The EFL Cup is organizes two competitions, which are the EFL Trophy and EFL Cup.

The league groups member clubs into three divisions. These are the EFL League One and Two and the EFL Championship. Each of this division is home to 24 clubs, that uses a double-elimination format. In this league, clubs earn one point for a draw and three points for win. The club that is at the top of their own division can be promoted to a higher division while those that perform badly can be relegated at the end of the season. Those that make it to the top three can move to the Premier League. Furthermore, those clubs that do not perform well under the League One and Two can be relegated National League’s National division and lose their Football League status.

The EFL Cup on the other hand organizes two single-elimination competitions, the EFL Cup and EFL Trophy. The EFL Cup started in 1960 and is open for both Premier League and EFL leagues. Clubs that win this competition can qualify for the UEFA Europa League. The EFL Trophy on the other hand started in 1983 and was created for clubs that belong the EFL League One and Two.

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