Dead Ball

A dead ball is a sports term used to describe a ball that is not playable for a temporary time. When a dead ball is called, the ball should not be moved by any player.

In football, a dead ball can refer to the ball that has not been called into play after it has gone out of bounds, the ball at the start of each half of a match and the ball before a kick-off as well as the ball after a goal is scored.

During a dead ball, players can actually hold the ball. Though the ball is not in play during a dead ball, a referee can still issue red and yellow cards for any kind of incident that happens off the ball.

Things to Do During Dead Ball Situations

There are several things that happen when a dead ball is called. Knowing them is important for football spectators so that they will be guided accordingly. In football, a dead ball situation is just another name for any kind of stoppage of play that usually results in a throw in or a free kick. Basically, the ball is dead or not moving, so the game is stopped.

Players and their teams can actually take advantage of a dead ball situation and use the time to do something productive. One of the things that can be done is to make a plan to set a play that can be effective. Pre-planned set plays are best done during this kind of situation since knowing that patterns can easily be established.

Another important thing to do during dead ball situations is to make use of a throw-in and make sure that the team will not lose possession of the ball. It is best that the one who does the thrown-in is someone who can make a long throw to a player who has master skills in flicking the ball. This will ensure instant possession.

In summary, a dead ball situation can provide lots of opportunities for planning and enacting these plans. It is better to make use of this time to survey the field and plan something out that can be used as an advantage.

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