D is a football term that refers to the semi-circular arc located at the penalty area. This area is also officially known as the penalty arc and covers the 10-yard distance that circles the penalty spot. Technically, the D is not part of the penalty area, it is placed to guide the players who will perform a penalty kick.

It is also there to separate the rest of the team from the player who will be performing the penalty kick as well as help the referees ensure that there are no other players standing less than 10 yards or 30 feet away from the ball.

D Basics

Though the penalty arc seems to be an insignificant part of the football field, there are still basic things worth knowing that would prove otherwise.

One of these is the fact that the arc is part of the penalty area but not necessarily included in its 18-yard area that comes with its own special rules. This means that the area where the arc is, does not affect how rules are applied in the penalty area.

Another is the measurement and position of the arc. The penalty area is the marked box that is located right in front of the goal. This box measures 54 feet from the goal line as well as 54 feet from the side of the goal. In addition, this box is home to the penalty spot which is set right in the middle of the penalty area. This spot is where penalty kicks are performed. What makes this remarkable is that it comes with a penalty arc located at its top. The arc extends 30 feet or 10 yards away from the actual penalty spot.

Lastly is all about penalties. In general, the opponent of the team that commits a deliberate foul in their penalty area is awarded with a penalty kick. When this happens, the only person defending the ball is the goalkeeper. All the other players must be standing and waiting outside of the penalty area. To make sure that they do is the penalty arc. The 30-foot or 10-yard area that separates the penalty spot where the kick will be performed and the rest of the players is made very visible by the arc. This means that the arc serves as a guide where the rest of the players, who are not involved in the penalty kick should be.

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