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A cup in football is a kind of tournament that uses a single-elimination or knock-out form of play. It is different from a league, since a league uses a round-robin or double form a of elimination.

When it comes to ties, a cup competition can issue a two-legged tie or a single match. This usually depends on the competition. For the final round, a single match is preferred and the venue is always predetermined.

Top 5 Cup Competitions

There are a great number of cup competitions hosted nationally, intracontinental or internationally. These competitions are considered prestigious and teams who make it to the top of these are known to be the best in the world.

Fifth on the list is Copa Libertadores. This cup competition is said to be the Champions League equivalent of South America. Its shiny Libertadores trophy is known to be the most coveted in the continent. Due to its popularity, final matches are broadcasted live in over 130 countries throughout the world.

Fourth place is Copa America. Copa America is the oldest football cup competition that still exists today. Its first competition was in 1916 in Argentina. It is participated by teams under CONMEBOL as well as other nations like the United States, Costa Rica and Mexico.

The UEFA European Championship takes the third spot. It is the first pan-European cup competition, which started in France in 1958. Due to its rich history, it became one of the world’s most exciting football competitions, with remarkably competitive teams. As of present, it is being participated by 24 teams.

Furthermore, the second spot belongs to the UEFA Champions League. Dubbed as the most prestigious club competition in the globe, the cup competition brings in the greatest football teams. It started as the European Cup that followed the single-elimination format from the start. Some changes were made in the recent years, including playing the single-elimination format during the final round.

Topmost on the list is the famous FIFA World Cup. It is considered as the greatest competition in the world because of its prestige and the extensive cultural influence it has on the winning teams and their nations.

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