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A cupset is a term used in football and other sports that refers to a win made by a weaker or a lower league team during a single-elimination competition or in a cup competition. It is a combination of the words cup and upset and was introduced by the FA Cup.

A cupset can be a minor, a major or a miraculous one. A minor cupset is when the lower league team defeats a team belonging to one division above them while a major cupset is when the defeated team belongs to two or three divisions above the winning team. On the other hand, a miraculous upset happens when an underdog defeats a team that belongs to the top divisions.

Top 5 World Cup Cupsets

Cupsets are very exciting and leave fans shouting especially if their teams are the ones making the win. On the other hand, it can be frustrating for both the fans and the players of the defeated team. There are five cringe-worthy cupsets that topped the charts during World Cup events.

Fifth on the list is the match between North Korea and Italy in 1966. North Korea’s win shocked the world since they were an evident underdog at that time. Teams from Europe were even shocked that the North Korean team qualified for the competition.

Fourth in line is in 1990 between Cameroon and Argentina. Cameroon took the win and the game was dubbed as, “the Miracle of Milan”. The 1-0 score in favor of Cameroon was due to the goal made by Francois Omam-Biyik.

Furthermore, the third spot belongs to the match between Senegal and France wherein Senegal took home the win with a 1-0 score. This happened in 2002 when France was the defending champion. This event set the disastrous path for France, which finished at the bottom of their division.

Another match that happened in 2002 made it the second place. This is between South Korea and Italy with the former taking the win with a 2-1 score. Everyone was not expecting that the Korean nation can make it to the semi-final round and take out the all-powerful Italian team. Italy felt wronged and emotional for losing the match since their striker was sent off and penalized for stimulation.

Number one on the list is the match between Spain and the Netherlands in 2014. The final score was 1-5 in favor of the Netherlands. This win secured them the third place in the World Cup finals. Both teams already have faced each other in 2010 with Spain bringing Netherlands to their knees. What happened four years later shocked the football world.

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