CONMEBOL or the Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol, which is translated as the South American Football Confederation in English, is the South American governing body of football. It is one of the six continental confederations under FIFA and is considered the oldest of its kind in the world. CONMEBOL is also the federation that comes with the least number of members.

The confederation is the main body that is responsible for the governance and organization of the major football tournaments in South America. Its headquarters is located in Luque, a city in Paraguay.

History of CONMEBOL

CONMEBOL comes with a rich history. Its formation started in 1916 when the first edition of Copa America, formerly the South-American Football Championship was held in Argentina. This event happened to celebrate the Argentine Declaration of Independence centenary and was participated by four associations. These four associations gathered in Buenos Aires before the championship to create a governing body to administer the said tournament and after which, founded CONMEBOL in July 9, 1916. The four associations included Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

By December 1916, the first ever Constitutional Congress happened in Montevideo. This congress ratified the decision to create CONMEBOL. After this event, other countries of South America, except for Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana joined the confederation. In 1952, Venezuela joined the confederation and became the last one to do so.

In addition to being the smallest confederation of FIFA, CONMEBOL is also the only land-based continental confederation.


There are several interesting facts about CONMEBOL that every softball enthusiast should know. These include the fact that the national teams under it, namely Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay have won a total of nine World Cups. In addition to this, teams from Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina have won a total of five Olympic gold medals. CONMEBOL clubs also won four FIFA Club World Cups and 22 Intercontinental Cups. With these recognitions, the CONMEBOL is considered as one of the strongest of all six FIFA confederations.

Furthermore, CONMEBOL also comes with qualifiers considered as the toughest in the world. These include weaker national teams being matched with the top national teams that come with passionate supporters and strong home stands. Geographic conditions and climate are also well thought of by the confederation to add more challenges for those who want to qualify.

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