In football, chance refers to a situation of a player allowed to shoot at a goal, given the possibility of scoring. The occasion to score a goal is rare. Hence, you probably notice that scores per game average of 2.6 only. Hence, whenever a player is given a break to take that shot, he should grab it and go for the goal.

How Chance Work

Chances are opportunities. It happens rarely, and when it does, losing that moment is something that you cannot take back. You probably have seen it during the match when a player misses to score a goal. As a result, instead of having the opportunity to win the game, the team loses.

When chance happens, you only have to options. These options are either you were able to score a goal or not. Football is a highly competitive sport. Notwithstanding, the pressure of the club and the fans, the presentation of an opportunity to score a goal to all players, rarely happens. However, there are situations wherein you can work it out to your advantage.

• Be prepared at all times

Since the chance to make a goal rarely happens, you should learn to be prepared at all times. Be aware of your environment and learn to take cues from your teammates. If you have possession of the ball, then go for it. There are times when your teammates will provide you the necessary gaps so that you can freely move around your opponent and score a goal.

• Do not rush it

In football, finding the right opportunity to score a goal requires strategy and good teamwork skills. Working and communicating properly with the team will give you the chance to score a goal. Do not rush the opportunity, or you might risk losing possession of the ball. In worst cases, you might injure yourself in the process. So, strategize with your team how to take down the defensive walls of your opponent. If the team can execute the plan correctly, you can get your break and score.

• If it fails, start again

Lose chances can dampen a player’s spirit. However, if you linger on it too much, it influences your game performance. As a result, it might lead to more missed opportunities. Instead, pick yourself up and start again with your team. Learn from your mistakes and improve your game plan for the next tournament.

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