In football, clearance refers to the player kicking the ball away from their goal as a form of defense. A player often uses this defensive action to ensure that their opponent cannot score a goal. When performing this defensive action, it is not necessary to have an intended recipient of the ball.

Importance of Clearance

The clearance area markings that give the players an idea if an opponent has crossed the line and nearing the goal. The defense players see to it that their opponent does not go over the clearance area. Otherwise, the opportunity for the other team to score a goal is almost at their front steps.

If you notice a player kicking the ball away from the goal, without the intention of passing to a teammate, the objective is to keep it away from the area they are trying to defend. Since it is prohibited by the IFAB of goalkeepers touching the ball, players of the same team will defend their pitch area from the other team.

How to Avoid Playing near the Clearance Area

Every football player has a crucial role to play in defending their side of the pitch. The roles that these players have to do is to attack and defend.

• Good defensive strategy

One of the essential formations when playing is to ensure that their defensive strategy is impenetrable. The defense players must keep up with the attacking team that is trying to go past their defensive walls. If the attacking team sees a slight gap to get past the defensive team, then it will take that chance and score a goal. Hence, creating defensive strategies is very crucial.

• Contingency Plan

Having an alternative plan is ideal for any strategic formations. In case when the defensive team starts to break down, you can move on to your back-up defense strategies while the main defense team regroups. It does not mean that because your first line of defense failed, you lose the game. However, if you give up and lose focus, then your performance can affect the outcome of the game.

• Practice

Going back to basics is also an ideal strategy to work on your weaknesses. Hence, it is important to work hard during training sessions, drills, and exercises. If you lose the previous match, your coach will guide you where the team made a mistake and then corrects it.

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