Chip Shot

In football, a chip shot refers to a high trajectory shot by a player. The aim is to have the ball go straight through the goalkeeper and towards the net. Also known as a drop shot, the player kicks the ball underneath in an accurate manner, but uses less force. It is to ensure that the ball launches high into the air passing over the heads of its opponents.

Importance of Chip Shot

There are many reasons for a player to use a chip shot. In football, it requires its players to know when to take advantage of scoring a goal, and what techniques they can use. They have to be quick, or else loose the opportunity to score.

• Chip shot is a good scoring technique

If you are trying to aim for a goal, using a chip shot allows you to get pass from the defending players. It is effective if you are trying to avoid the defenders in taking possession of your ball.

• Good passing technique

Chip shot is also a good passing technique. By kicking the ball over the head, it avoids getting contact with the defending team. This technique is the fastest way to pass the ball.

• Good defense technique

Using a chip shot is also a good defense technique into tricking a goalie. Goalkeepers will think that the ball is headed towards them. Instead, it went overhead towards the goal, making a score.

How to Use Chip Shot Techniques

Chip shot techniques require continuous practice to perfect the skill. Forcing the ball into chipping is a common mistake that some players make. If possible, avoid using too much force when scooping the ball. When too much power is used, the ball could land further than your intended distance.

When you approach the ball, place your non-kicking foot firmly on the side of the ball. The player’s toe should be angled downward. Keep the foot low to easily scoop beneath the ball, either from the side or straight ahead. Kick the ball upward in a swift motion but should not use too much force. Slightly lean your body backward when scooping and kicking the ball upward. It will result in a powerful chip, while at the same time improve the thrust of the ball.

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