An underdog is a popular term in Football to describe a person or team with little chance of winning the fight because they are playing against a threatening team. It also speaks about the social status of a player. For instance, no matter how hard and strategic are they, if they aren’t noticed by the viewers, they would be known as an underdog. Being an underdog could also mean getting to the wrong team.

The Relationship of Being an Underdog in Football

Association football is one of the simplest games ever recorded, where it only involves kicking and defending the ball. However, it’s also unavoidable to have some underdog and star players. While the capabilities of the underdogs are often overlooked by loyal fans of the star players, winning underdogs can give a thrilling fight when they are pitted against star players.

Unforgettable Underdog Victories

Perhaps one of the most memorable underdog moments is the match that happened in the 2005 Champions League 2nd Qualifying Round. This started when the Scottish powerhouse Celtic made it to the 2nd qualifying round. However, their match against Slovakia turned upside down when Celtic trailed a score of 1-0 during halftime. However, the underdog Slovakia advanced to the next round despite the efforts of the Celtics. In the next round, Slovakia beat the Porto team in Portugal.

The Thrill of Being an Underdog

Although most of them are often unnoticed, yet they played an important and unexpected role in the game. They are often mislooked because of a lack of popularity or losing a series of matches from previous leagues. When the heavens favored the underdog team, they caught the media’s attention because it’ll bring an inspiring story to everyone. Besides, every team has become undergone during their starting career.

1950 World Cup Underdog Story

Brazilians are one of the most frightening teams to play against because of their undeniable strengths. During this time, local newspapers have declared then the Brazilians would be the obvious champions. However, Uruguayans were fearless and determined enough to take the championship. Led by Team Captain Obdulio Varela, the Brazilians faced an unintimidated underdog team. Eventually, the Uruguayans won the game because of their undisputed teamwork and support.