Under the cosh is a popular term used in football to describe how players were attacked by the opposing team’s methods and techniques that led them into under pressure. Starting with the word “cosh”, it could mean baton or a short stick that police are using to subdue criminals. In football and other sports, under the cosh means that you are threatened. For instance, when a team is under the cosh, that means they are attacked and intimidated by the other team.

Under the Cosh Other Meanings

There have been many implications about some other meanings of under the cosh. When a football player is being attacked by a threatening team, it means that the player is under the cosh. It could also mean under pressure when the team is generally encountering a strong team. One of the biggest reasons why players are under the cosh is they couldn’t cope with the other team or their main players were severely injured.

Examples of Under the Cosh

Perhaps the Manchester United-Everton FA Cup semi-final would be a great example in describing under the cosh. The fans can bring either positive or negative support to the game because they can either cheer or bash the teams. Visiting a country that is filled with foreign fans and learning different cultures and attitudes of the country where they’ll be competing can make them under the cosh.

Football Definition of Under the Cosh

As mentioned, this could mean being attacked by an intimidated and threatening team. This is often felt by the underdog teams who never had former victories and being pitted against a star team. It also means being followed by a significant margin with the pressure of time, which will give them fewer chances of winning the game. It’s also used how the winning team constantly and aggressively winning over defenses and attacks.

Reasons Why People are Under the Cosh

Underdog teams with fewer victories in the past are the ones who can feel these negative feelings. Under the cosh could also come from different situations like time. When the team is running out of time, they would feel more pressured to win the game.