UEFA, or the Union of European Football Associations, is one of the most prestigious administrative bodies for association football and beach soccer in Europe. They are only one of the six continental confederations which manage and govern the FIFA Cup and are consist of 55 national association members. Other representations of the UEFA are the UEFA European Championship, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and many others. They are also the ones who are managing the prize money and controlling media rights for these competitions.

The History and Membership of UEFA

The Union of European Football Associations is founded in June 1954 during the consultation meeting between Italy, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. This association is often recognized in most countries in Europe, and they have formed a larger state in the context of international law. The first person who became the general secretary of the association is Henri Delaunay while the first president is Ebbe Schwartz.

UEFA International Competitions

The Union of European Football Associations is one of the two holders in handling international football and their main competition is the UEFA European Championship that started in 1958. Their international competitions include Under -21 and Under-19 levels for both men and women. The motive of these competitions is to bring the youth together to boost their fondness for football. On the other hand, UEFA doesn’t handle any beach soccer competitions.

The Main Objective of UEFA

This organization has a main social responsibility of creating a positive impact to all ages through football. The strategy of enriching its value while making a strong and sustainable development, economical and societal speaking. By promoting social responsibility, it would make all people aware of how the organization can contribute to the economic and financial aspects of the country. One of the strategies also depends upon the stakeholder consultation and the most suggested recommendations by the UEFA.

Corruption and Controversy

Despite its motive to promote football, many people are still dissatisfied with its service because of the UEFA mafia. In 2015, a corruption case was filed against UEFA’s present president named Michel Platini who was accused to receive disloyal payment from Sepp Blatter.