Match Fixing

Match-fixing in football refers to a situation when the match is played with a pre-determined result. This result can either be partial or complete. This is often motivated by financial incentives given to the players, officials of the team, and the referees.

How Match-fixing Works?

Due to the rising popularity of sports betting, the attempt to control the outcome of a game has increased rapidly. Match-fixing means that losing the game was intentional, with the players performing poorly or using corrupt officials when officiating the game. Sometimes a team’s coach will make substitutions by having the key players sit out during the match to deliberately increase their chances of losing. They often use phantom injuries as an excuse to get away with their actions. This method of playing is in complete violation of the rules of the game. However, because of the large amount of money involved, there are still individuals that are easily persuaded to play against the rules.

Reasons for Match-fixing

Match-fixing occurs because it is motivated by gambling. People involved in such a situation requires the right to contacts to be able to pre-determine the result of the play.

  • Massive Payout

The common reason why match-fixing occurs is to obtain a massive payout from gamblers. Anyone who wishes to earn a huge amount of money can easily be tempted to give in to the demands of those that are trying to fix the match.

  • Handicapping

Another reason for match-fixing is because the players wanted to rig the handicap system. Handicapping is the practice of equalizing the chances of winning given to a team through scoring compensation. By purposely losing the game, the player, team officials, and referees are trying to control the outcome of the handicap system.

  • Draft Pick

Aside from gambling and massive payouts that the people involved are receiving, another reason why match-fixing occurs is to gain future team advantage, particularly during the draft pick. A club that wants to have a better draft pick will intentionally perform poorly.

There had been a few issues of several players, team officials, and club owners who had been involved in match-fixing. To prevent such circumstances, the governing body of football is continuously trying to improve its rules concerning this occurrence.

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