A red card is a signal shown by the Football referee, indicating that the player has to leave the game immediately. This could mean that the player has done against the Law of the Game as serious misconduct, that’s why it’s a need for him to be sent off immediately. If the goalkeeper has received the red card, then another player should resume his goalkeeping responsibilities.

What are the Laws of the Games?

If laws are defied, then players deserved to receive corresponding consequences. If the player displayed a serious and intentional foul play, violent character and conduct towards other players, using offensive language, and receive a pre-warning are the basis of giving the player a red card. In most tournaments, disqualification can be given through a single red card and two successive yellow cards.

Consequences of Getting a Red Card

The yellow card and the red card are the things that are best avoided by most football players. However, the weight of their consequences is different. If the player receives a yellow card for the first time, then he can continue playing, unlike in a single red card, he will be automatically removed in the game. If the player is irreplaceable, then the team has to bear the weight of losing one player.

Effects in Post-Match Competitions

The rules can be different from one league to another because both yellow and red cards are often accompanied by the automatic suspension. If the player has a red post-match card, then he will not be playing for the maximum of three games, depending on the referee’s decision. The same thing would happen if the player received many consecutive yellow cards in one season. If this happened, then it can further result in suspension.

Red Cards Do Not Tolerate Negativity

Any Football Association doesn’t tolerate sports negativities that could promote unsportiness towards the viewers. Football intends to develop the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. Any player who shows indecency and persistently infringes the Laws of the Game or failed to respect other players and the referee’s decisions will be given a red card. Even the simple acts of spitting on the opponent are also not tolerated.