A Scorpion kick, also commonly referred to as the reverse bicycle kick, is a technique used in Football when the player dives forward. While throwing himself forward, he would kick his legs overhead behind him, while arching his back. Perhaps one of the Scorpion Kick practitioners would be Rene Higuita, which sports analysts would describe as the kick of beauty.

How to do the Scorpion Kick

This technique is very difficult to master, but any player who is diligent enough can make it. They have to perfect their dive by positioning themselves in front of the goal and keeping their eyes at the ball. They also have to be ready on which side they’re going to defend the ball. Jump up and out and spring both legs up in the air, while aiming your body forward. Then, you have to dive and kick your legs overhead.

Famous Scorpion Kicks in Football History

One of the top Scorpion Kicks is from Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud against Crystal Palace. Giroud’s kick was quite similar to Henrikh Mkhitaryan and until they are pitted against each other in owning a better kick. There was a commentary for Giroud that tells he transformed the goal into art because there’s an element of surprise in the kick. Every football game should be exciting and Giroud’s strike is forever remembered. As for Mkhitaryan, he is best known for being a versatile and flexible player as he executed many successful football movements and techniques.

Higuita’s Infamous Scorpion Kick

When someone speaks about Scorpion Kick, everybody might have remembered the inventor of the technique named Rene Higuita. This technique is used as an inoffensive platitude, yet media had formulized some conspiracy theory that Higuita’s kick was fake. However, many have claimed that Higuita’s kick was one of the most entertaining kicks they have seen in history, so it deserved an undeniable recognization.

Recognition for the Scorpion Kick

There’s no doubt that this kick has made a huge impact on the viewer’s entertainment. Even David Ospina, a world-famed Columbian football player, was very delighted to have seen such a unique kick from Higuita and the rest of the frequent Scorpion kickers.