The term “Save” is when the goalkeeper dives in to prevent the ball from getting the goal. Many believed that a goalkeeper should have fast reflexes to stop the opposite team from saving a goal. It’s a tough responsibility for the goalkeeper since they are ones who determine the scores of both teams. Many times, where people are gasping for air momentarily because of the suspense they gave to the audience.

Pre-Match Preparation

The goalkeeper has to prepare at all times when facing their giants. Their consistency in doing simple warmups, such as practicing with a teammate to throw balls at them. They have to practice how to sense and stimulate a series of attacks and dive at the balls. The goalkeeper has to practice his hand and eye coordination by catching the ball consecutively.

How to Make a Good Save

The goalkeeper’s eyes should be the highlight among all parts of his body because he has to look meticulously at the ball’s direction. He should have a sense of command whether the other team was playing offensively or defensively. When they’re playing offensively, then they should be fast enough to know if the opponent is coming. While the other team is playing defensively, then make sure to keep the team’s positioning.

Memorable Saves of All Time

Perhaps one of the best saves happened in the 1970 World Cup between the match of England and Brazil. Brazil’s Jairzinho bursts through and powerfully passed the ball to Pele. When Pele tried to make a goal, Banks was able to save the goal. After the glorious saving moment, Pele and banks made a friendly remark after thinking that it’s supposed to be a goal. Another one is by Peter Schmeichel who pulled out an incredible strength in saving the opponent’s goal.

How Important is the Save in Football?

As mentioned, a “save” is to prevent the opponent’s ball to score a goal. If the goalkeeper is mindless enough, then the score would also be added to the opponent. The goalkeeper should be alert and active while keeping an eye on the ball because the team’s victory depended on his hands.