The Football Pyramid, also known as the English Football League System, is an interconnected league for football men players and clubs in England, Wales, Guernsey, and Jersey. This is a system that forms a hierarchical format that indicates relegation and promotion, where teams are positioned based on their performance during the season. Even the smallest clubs can join to these theoretical possibilities even if more than 140 individual leagues are joining.

The History of English Football League System

The English Football League System was initiated by William McGregor in 1888 who hoped to support professionalism in a football league. 6 founders are coming from Lancashire and Midlands each. When they’ve made it official, the rule should follow the promotion and relegation system where successful clubs can rise to the top of the pyramid while the non-active will be on the bottom.

The Rules of Promotion and Relegation

For example, 20 teams will be competing in the Premier League. The best-ranked team will have the promotion to the higher division, while the bottom three would automatically be relegated in the game. This process would continue through as the divisions progressed. This all means that whoever who made it through the top will be in the promotion zone while those at the bottom will face the drop zone.

Historical Comparisons of Football Leagues in England

When this system was founded, the intention is not to compete against The Football Association, but to win fans outside the association. Therefore, it would encourage aspiring bottom teams to work hard and win the re-election, rather than letting other clubs to join in. Eventually, the Football Alliance was created the following year, which was merged with The Football Association in 1892.

About the System

The top tier of the non-League will be included in the National Division, consisting of 24 clubs. This division will have a full-time professional competition at Level 5, as they go down to two clubs at Level 6. Eventually, Level 6 will be consisting of the North and South National Leagues. When they reached Level 9, 14 sub-regional leagues will be joining together to compete. They needed to remind themselves there will be more leagues below them covering smaller geographic levels.