Jumpers For Goalposts

Jumpers for goalposts is an informal version of football that is usually played by kids in the streets. The term is most popular in England and in and around the United Kingdom. The term also has some nostalgic connotations.

Origin of the Term

The term “Jumpers for Goalposts” is literal in the sense that more often than not, the kids playing the game would use their jumpers or sweaters to denote the goalposts.

Nostalgia Factor

This term is often used to connote innocence and the simplicity of days passed since most of the kids who played Jumpers for Goalposts are now grown.

In popular culture, singer Ed Sheeran released a concert film titled – Jumpers for Goalposts. It is a short movie of Sheeran’s early career and footage from his X tour.

Jumpers for Goalposts Today

Football is still played informally in the streets and parks today. But there are also more organized versions of children’s football where the kids are organized into teams and where rules are in place.

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