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Top Corner David Beckham

The top corner is a football term that describes the parts of the goal that is located below the intersection of the post and the crossbar or the two 90-degree angles. In general, the top corner is the part of the goal that is the most difficult to defend for the goalkeeper.

Name Variations of Top Corner

There are several variations when it comes to identifying the part of the goal that is technically called the top corner. Many sports experts, enthusiasts, and commentators use different terms to describe this part of the goal. Some of the most commonly used are the postage stamp, top bins, and stanch as well as the upper ninety.

The first one is the postage stamp. This name gives a classical image of what a top corner is. The term is a favorite among commentators especially during the times when stamps were common. Nowadays, the term had not been used as much because of its relevance.

The second one is the top bins. This is the most recent term variation. It is also very popular among young fans of football.

Stanch is also used as a variant of the term top corner. It is one of the rarer variations. Though it is one of those terms that is used to describe a top corner, it actually refers to the V-shaped area located right behind the post that connects to the crossbar.

Last but not the list is the upper ninety. Among all the variations, this one is considered the most precise and clinical since it directly pertains to the perpendicular angle at which the crossbar and post meet. This term is not only used in football in lieu of top corner but also in other sports like lacrosse. Football tournaments that happen in the United States also use this term to describe a top corner.

Best Top Corner Goals

A shot that enters along the top corner is considered an exhilarating sight. Many spectators stand on their feet when such a goal is made. There are a good number of players who have performed such goals but only a handful have performed the most breathtaking ones.

One of these is the goal made by Roberto Carlos in 1997. The free-kick that he performed which resulted in a top corner goal was described as a physics-defying.

Other famous players who were known corner hitters include David Beckham, Frank Lampard, and Paul Scholes. In more recent tournaments, Eden Hazard, West Hamm, and Gareth Bale make the list for players who give out unforgettable top corner goals.


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