Take a touch is a football term that describes controlling a ball with any legal part of the body before shooting or passing. This kind of control is important for players because it improves their speed of play, increases his or her ability to control possession of the ball and allows him or her to be successful in demonstrating or performing needed moves. This is why the skills that are needed to execute this kind of control along with passing are considered as one of the most important in football.

Drills to Improve Take a Touch

Improving control of the ball by doing a take a touch move is important for players. A coach can usually determine how well a player is with a ball just by looking at how he or she performs his or her take a touch. This is why it is vital to perform some drills that will improve these moves.

The first drill is stationary passing and trapping. This is one of the easiest drills to do. It can be done by using a partner or a wall.

Another is by checking to the ball and checking away from the ball. Checking to the ball means running towards the ball while doing a one-touch pass or a trap. On the other hand, checking away means going away from the ball before trapping it.

Players can also practice moving or running left to right. This will help them be comfortable in using the different parts of one of their foot or both feet, which will also help them determine certain weaknesses that need to be improved.

Furthermore, players can also do drills on receiving and redirecting as well as putting the ball overhead and turning while receiving. Receiving and redirecting drills are done by trapping and releasing the ball or doing a first touch in another direction besides the one where it came from. Turning while receiving on the other hand can be done using the chest, thigh, or feet while the ball is in the air or on the ground.

Last is to do high and low bounces. It is done by running through the ball at the right time and using the foot, thigh, and chest to take a touch.

All of these drills can help players improve their skills in doing the take a touch.