Hospital Ball

A “Hospital Ball” is a termed used in soccer, football, and rugby that means an inaccurate pass to the receiver, even when there’s a large tendency that the opposite team might receive it. The weakness passing was caused by being too scared to take the hit or being physically injured that made them throw. This is in connection with the term “hospital pass”, which means running sideways where the receiver is forced to jump and catch the ball.

Is There a Rule for Hospital Pass?

The only universal rule to be considered a “hospital pass” is when the ball is being passed at a minimum and weaker accuracy and timing. Because the ball pass is thrown inaccurately, then this will enable the opponent to take the ball into their possession. During hospital pass, it’s also unavoidable that some of the players might get injured.

What Caused Players to do the Hospital Ball?

Injury is always the main reason why players can badly pass the ball. Because of the aggressiveness displayed in football, they cannot help but display weak performance to the point that the player gives equal opportunities for his team and the other team to catch the ball. Another reason might be accidental, where the player failed to measure his distance to his teammate.

How to Avoid from Doing Hospital Ball?

The hospital pass is done with the fear of being tackled by the other team. This may be understandable when the player is under pressure and is playing as the easiest target for ball-grabbing. It’s unavoidable to see players doing hospital pass, but the passer has to take note to read his opponent’s movements towards him while accurately measuring his distance to the passer.

The Possibility to be in the Opponent’s Possession

Because the ball was thrown either inaccurately or accidentally, the passer is giving his team and the other team to possess the ball. To avoid this, he has to be physically strong and fit to be ready with the attacks from the other team. The receiver also has intuitive enough to catch the ball, so he can’t lose his team’s advantage towards the game.

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