Hand of God

Hand of God Diego Armando Maradona

The Hand of God is an illegal football goal originated by Diego Armando Maradona in the 1986 World Cup. The Hand of God looks like a parody of Michaelangelo’s painting called The Creation of God that significantly hint as God’s hand. During this match, Maradona was supposed to be given a yellow card and be kicked out of the team, yet the referee made a remark that he made an incorrect call, making him score. Since then, it was called “The Hand of God” making Maradona famous and known as the “Goal of the Century.”

Pun Intended, Accidental Goal

19 years later after the controversial goal of Maradona, he confessed and apologized for his infamous Hand of God goal. He cited that if he could go back to 1896, he would change the history, yet he concluded the idea that his goal was still a goal, and Argentina was declared as the World Cup Champion and he was the best player.

The Media’s Reaction Towards the Apology

This created a wildfire of controversies among football enthusiasts and sports analysts. Maradona clarified that he never spoke of forgiveness but rather, told the press that the story in 1986 could not be changed anymore. He also reinstated that there is no contradiction about what he said during the interview and apologizing to the English would be stupid.

The Hand of God Used as a Symbolic Revenge

In a documentary film of Asif Kapadia, Maradona compared the Hand of God to the Falklands War where people expected England to win the match. He bluntly said that it was tough playing with the English and the fans’ hype made it even worse. However, the full-packed action happened so fast that the linesmen weren’t able to see that he was putting his hand in. Then, the referee just looked at Maradona and shouted, “Goal.” He implied that the feeling was so nice that it felt he was having an act of symbolic revenge against England.

Popularity and After Use

Because of the sudden popularity, Rodrigo Bueno, who looked up to Diego Maradona, composed a song for him entitled “La Mano de Dios”. This became a sudden reference and pun in the world of Football, especially in the 1990 World Cup between the USSR and Argentina.

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