CAF Hajji Mouad, General Secretary of CAF

In football, CAF is the administrative and controlling organization for the association football in Africa. It stands for the Confederation of African Football. This ruling body represents all football associations in Africa. They manage both the continental and national club competitions. They also take control of the regulations of the game, media rights concerning competition, and prize money.

Origins and governing body of CAF

Established on February 8, 1957, CAF was formed in the Grand Hotel, situated in Khartoum, Sudan. Football associations founded this organization, namely Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Sudan. Before Cairo hosted the organization’s headquarters, the CAF was situated in Khartoum. The first general secretary of the confederation was Youssef Mohamad, while the president was Abdel Aziz Abdallah Salem. Currently, the general secretary of CAF is Hajji Mouad from Morocco, while Ahmad Ahmad from Madagascar is the president.

Understanding more about CAF

The CAF is the largest of the six continental confederations under the umbrella of the International Football Federation or FIFA. There 56 members of the association in which 54 of them are considered as full members, while the other two are associate members, namely Zanzibar and Reunion.

Competitions under CAF

The confederation has organized regional, national, and club tournaments since its establishment in 1957. The African Cup of Nations is recognized as a significant tournament for the national men’s teams and the Africa Women Cup of Nations for women’s national team tournament. It is available to senior national teams to compete.

The CAF has established two major club tournaments for its club members, namely the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederation Cup. There are also state-level events that are Under-20 and Under-17.

CAF Confederation Cup is one of the most awaited national football club association competitions. The tournament was established in 2004 and is open to eligible team participants depending on their national leagues and results in the cup competition. The competition’s winning team will have a match against the CAF Champions League winner. Generally, this match is played during the CAF Super Cup season. The winning team of this competition is eligible to compete the FIFA major tournaments.

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