Extra time or overtime is a term that describes an additional time period of play used to determine the winner of a match that goes into a tie or when the score of both teams is the same after the end of a full-time or normal time. In football, this time is an additional thirty minutes of play which comes with one break after fifteen minutes. During this fifteen-minute break, the teams will change ends before starting the second fifteen-minute play.

There are several rules that can be implemented on how to use the extra time. These rules usually depend on the kind of football competition. There are competitions that employ the sudden death or golden goal rule, which involves declaring the first team that scores as the winner, while there are those that employ the penalty shootout. This usually happens when there is another extra time called since the first one also resulted in a tie. Others can declare a draw after the extra time expires.

Extra Time in College and High School Football

Rules under the NCAA soccer point that all matches that end with a tie after a ninety-minute game would go to extra time or overtime. It comes with the same rules as that of professional football, beginning with a sudden death or golden goal rule and ending with a penalty kick shoot-out. This usually happens during national championships. If it is not a national championship tournament, a tie after extra time can be declared a draw.

When it comes to rules for high school football, there are several variations, depending on what conference and state. Though there are variations, the sudden death rule is also applied for the extra time.

In terms of the length or the period of extra time in high school football, rules also vary, but the most common one used is ten minutes long. If the scores are still tied at the end of this period, additional overtime can be played to determine the winner. If this does not determine a winner, a shootout procedure can be played. There are competitions that prefer to employ immediately the shootout procedure when extra time is called.