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A European night is the term used to describe a night when the Champions League games are played. This Champions League are joined by football clubs in Europe and Asia under the UEFA. The UEFA or the Union of European Football Associations is the governing body for football in the entire continent of Europe and some countries in Asia. It is one of the confederations of FIFA.

In simpler terms, a European night is basically a game of a UEFA club competition that happens during night time.

Top European Nights

Throughout the history of European football, matches that were held during night time were the most exciting ones. These are the games that lure in a large number of fans, a great amount of media coverage and loads of action-packed and dramatic plays. There have been several European nights that have happened that left fans standing on their seats and shouting on top of their lungs.

Top five on the list of these European nights was the match between Bayern Munich and Aston Villa during the final round of the European Cup in 1982. Aston Vila won this match, which allowed England to hold Europe’s biggest football prize for five consecutive years. The score was 1-0 with the help pf Peter Withe.

Fourth and third on this list were the 1979 European Cup finals between Nottingham Forest and Malmo and the 1999 Champions League finals between Manchester United and Bayern Munich. The 1979 game got a 1-0 score in favor of Nottingham Forest while the 1999 was one by Manchester United. The game in 1999 allowed United to score 2 goals against 1 from Bayern Munich. This was one of the most exhilarating games that almost led to a tie.

The second top-most European night in history was the game between inter Milan and Celtic in 1979. Team Celtic won the game with two goals. After the game, the Celtics were fondly called, “Lisbon Lions”.

Top on the list of European nights was the game between Liverpool and AC Milan, which happened during the 2005 finals of the Champions League. The score was tied 3 to 3, but Liverpool won on penalties with a final score of 3-2. This was one of the most dramatic wins since Liverpool was down to 0 against the 3 goals made by AC Milan during the first half. Amazingly, Liverpool got back on its feet and tied the score before the game went into overtime. The crowd went wild when Jerzy Dudek skillfully guarded the goal.

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