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A Game 39 in football is also known as the international round and is described as extra matches that are held during international premier football league events. These events are usually hosted in countries outside of England. At present, the most significant football league in England, the Premier League practices a double round-robin elimination process. Each of these teams plays 19 home and away games, with a total of 38 games in each season. Game 39 was introduced during the 2010-2011 season after a television broadcasting company showed interest in featuring the Premier League. The 39th game for the Premier League tournament was endorsed by the heads of the Premier League clubs.

The Game 39 Proposal

There are a total of 20 member clubs included in the Premier League. Each of these teams is required to play one home game and one away game as part of the tournament. In one season, a total of 38 games were played under the league. Further matches were proposed for the current league seasons with a total of ten extra matches that will be hosted in five different cities. Cities who will host these extra games on weekends will have to bid to be able to host the extra games. Game 39 will serve as a part of a unique festival weekend, and an additional 40th match is definitely not entertained even in the future. This plan is suggested to last for six to ten years or maybe altered depending on how the public responds.

Development of Game 39

The idea of the 39th game was pitched in the international round of the Premier League back in autumn 2007. During this period, Melbourne was suggested to be the host city of the 39th game. Prior to the announcement, the proposal’s feasibility was measured to be able to determine if extra earnings for the League is indeed feasible for the extra game. According to the business plan, Game 39 will most likely bring a total earning of anywhere between 40 million pounds to 80 million pounds in a year. In retrospect, a series of summer games are now regularly held between the Premier League and other top European teams in the world, in the overseas market.

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