An armband is a clothing accessory worn by the team captain. This is to signify the important role of a player. It is worn around the arm just over the sleeve. Other players wore it over the clothing if the arms are covered.

In addition, the armband or sleeve garters are worn not only to signify a certain role, status, or rank but also for as an insignia for belonging to a group or having a particular condition or in a specified state. Furthermore, wearing black armbands in football is also done in commemoration of a tragic event like the death of a team member.

Facts on Football Armbands

Armbands that are used by football players, especially team captains are regularly seen on the football field. These armbands come with varying widths and thickness and are worn by players for a number of reasons. In addition, there are also several interesting facts worth noting especially for many football enthusiasts.

One of the main facts why players wear armbands aside from being the team captain of the team is that it adds to a player’s general appearance on the field. Many players believe that the presence of the armband enhances the shape of the upper arm muscles, making them look good. This is compared to jewelry and make-up that makes women look more appealing.

Another interesting fact is that an armband can be worn in several positions. There is no strict rule on the exact position on where it must be placed on the arm. There are players who wear them right along the middle of their biceps while others put them a little above the elbow. There are also those who are comfortable putting their armbands below the elbow bend. The exception of this rule is putting it on the wrist.

Furthermore, armbands are used for an advertising bonanza. The majority of armbands come with logos and colors that are visibly displayed, which is taken advantage of by marketing specialists as a blank slate for advertising.

Lastly, armbands come with several specifications. One of these is that they are usually made out of sweat-absorbing and stretchy materials. There are those the can stretch from nine inches up to twenty-one inches. Many armbands are also reversible.

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