Lost the dressing room or Losing the dressing room is a term that is used not only in soccer but all in other sports. It is a situation when the players lost their trust and belief to the manager of the team. The players also don’t pay attention to him. Because the manager has lost the confidence of the players on the team, he is also on the verge of losing his job. Often, the manager is sacked in case he reached this scenario.

Reasons for Losing the Dressing Room

There are various reasons why a manager reaches this unwanted scenario. It could be due to consecutive losses in the game. Players can also determine poor tactics during the game. Players might receive unfair treatment from the managers. Others include over management and mind games. No matter what the reason is, players aren’t respecting the manager anymore. In some scenarios, they don’t follow instructions anymore.

Signs of Losing the Dressing Room

When a manager lost the grip of his players, there are visible signs of this. It includes slacking off, ignoring the game plan and the worst part is quitting the team. This is also noticeable when players are not intense in the game. Unfortunately, players don’t believe in the leadership of their manager. It includes the system and overall plan. The team’s star players often go to the media for a rally against their manager in the hopes of getting him fired.