Back Heel

In football, the back heel is one of the kicking techniques during a match. It is defined as a move that requires the non-kicking foot to be located beside the ball while bringing the kicking foot over the top or around the side of the ball in a one quick strike to the front of the ball using the heel of the foot. It is considered as one of the most spectacular techniques a player can have. Although it is still complicated to execute, the elements of the kick can be laid out in step by step. However, in most cases, the back heel is used to pass a ball to a teammate.

How to Execute a Back Heel?

This move is one of the most stylish techniques there is in football. You can easily confuse your opponent if you manage to execute this effectively. It is a common passing technique but it can also be used to make a play unpredictable. To be able to execute this effectively, a player needs to have a good vision and awareness of the players and factors that surround them. It is important to weigh the timing of the pass to be able to ensure that the receiving player does not break the stride. To practice the move effectively, it would be ideal to split players into pairs with 1 ball between the two.

More About the Back Hell Move in Football

The back heel is also sometimes called as heeling and back heeling. There are a few advantages and disadvantages when using the back heel in football. The back heel can be very deceptive and is one of the top reasons why offensive players need to practice the technique. It is the least expected move an opponent will anticipate during a game play. This type of deception is short term but can be a threat during the rest of the game. Opposing players can use the move to surprise both sides. The move can also help a player in getting out of sticky situations. A player can get out of trap in the sideline area with a well-timed back heel.

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