A Rainbow Kick is a trick used in football. It takes its name from the trajectory that the ball follows in its flight. The goal of the Rainbow Kick is to get the ball away from your opponent. Most players do a rainbow rick while they are running forward with the ball.

Other Names

The Rainbow Kick is also known by other names including the Reverse Flick Over, the Rainbow Flick, Lambreta, Carretilha, the Arco Iris, the Ardiles Flick, the Coup du Sombrero, and the Okocha Trick.

Notable Appearances

In 1968, Alexander de Carvalho first executed the trick. Its next prominent appearance was at the 2002 FIFA World Cup when Ilhan Mansiz of Turkey did the kick. He used it to lob the ball above his head and of his opponent, Roberto Carlos from Brazil.

It also appeared in the movie Escape to Victory. It was performed by Ossie Ardiles and led to it also being known as the Ardiles Flick.

In Professional Soccer

This is a tricky kick and it is not often seen in professional soccer matches but it is used in street soccer and futsal. However, many professional players use the rainbow kick while dribbling from time to time. Some of the more well-known players who use this kick are Jay-Jay Okocha and Neymar.

Okocha is well-known for this trick that in Germany, the Rainbow Kick is also known as the Okocha trick.


In some circles, the Rainbow Kick is considered disrespectful for the opposition.

How to do a Rainbow Kick

Stand with the ball between both feet with one foot slightly angle, in front of the ball. The side of your body should be turned toward your opponent. With your back foot, roll the ball up toward your calf, leaning toward your opponent even more.

Then do a small jump and do the flick. As you roll the ball up, do a small jump, and kick it up over your head in a rainbow trajectory.