Man-to-Man Marking

Man-to-Man marking or Man Marking is a footballing term that is used to define a defensive strategy in the game of the football in which the defenders of a certain team are asked to mark specific opponents. THis is in sharp contrast to zonal marking, which is about defenders covering a specific area of the pitch rather than cover specific players.

Man-to-Man marking is often said to be too defensive and is actually sort of dying out of the game. The Italian teams of the 1960s and 1970s perfected the art of Man-to-Man Marking and it was soon adopted by footballing nations around the world. It was effectively used by subsequent Italian teams and was quite successful too. But man marking defensive strategy did have the disadvantage that it made football matches ultra-defensive.

Nowadays due to several changes in the footballing structure and startegies, man marking is losing its preference. Coaches and managers these days are emphasising on zonal marking as the latter is more flexible and ivolves covering of specific parts of the pitch rather than of specific players.

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