In soccer, a trivela is a technique where a player puts a curl or swerve on a shot with the outside of the foot. Some players have used the technique to successfully score a goal for their team. The most successful among them is Ricardo Quaresma of the Portugal National Team and midfielder for Kasımpaşa S.K. (Turkey). Quaresmo invented the trivela.

The Origins of the Trivela

Trivela is a Portuguese word that in soccer is associated with a move that involves slicing the foot through and under the outside of a soccer ball. The proponent of the technique, Ricardo Quaresma describes it as giving the ball the right spin by connecting with it with his right foot at the bottom of the left hand corner of the ball. Quaresma tends to favor his right foot.

Trivela - An Effective Move that is Difficult to Read

The great success of the trivela for soccer players who know how to wield it lies in the defender’s difficulty in ascertaining where the ball is going. If an opponent knows how and when to use it, the members of the opposing team will never see it coming. It has proven its worth in matches where the trivela is used effectively to shoot, cross, or pass a ball.