The World Cup is a soccer competition comprised of soccer teams from around the world competing against each other and efforts to come out as the world champion soccer team. The World Cup is a competition of men’s soccer teams from around the world. The final part of the World Cup is called the World Cup Finals. During the World Cup finals, 700 million people tuned in to watch three dozen national soccer teams compete over several weeks and several tournaments to decide who is going to be the World Cup champion team. As of 2007, World Cup holder is the Italian soccer team who has four World Cup title. Germany has three World Cup titles, who and then there are countries like Uruguay, Argentina, England, and France who have World Cup titles as well.

The World Cup is a time for soccer is dance from around the world to be able to see what they are favorite national teams can do. The World Cup is the soccer equivalent of the Olympic Games; it is a title that any self-respecting national soccer team goes after.

In addition, there is a World Cup has soccer teams and that is held every four years as well. The next World Cup finals will be held in the country of South Africa in the year 2010 World Cup for women has only been in existence since 1991. The first World Cup was organized in response to the lack of soccer and then 1932 Summer Olympics, which was held in Southern California that year -to be more specific it was held in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California.