Defensores de Belgrano are based out of Buenos Aires’ Belgrano district and are a part of Argentina’s Primera B Metropolitana division. The club was a part of the top flight during the Amateur era but as soon as the professional leagues were formed, they were relegated to the lower divisions and have yet to return to the top divisions.


In 1953, the team won their first title in the form of the Primera C Division title. They got promotion, were relegated and again won the title in 1958. This saga continued until 1967 when they managed to win the Primera B Division title. In 1972, once back in the third division, the team won the Primera C league title again and then repeated their act again in 1991-92. Once in the Primera B Metropolitana, Defensores de Belgrano went on to win the title in 2000-01, their last title till date.

Country Argentina Argentina
City Belgrano
Founded 1906

They have had many influential players who have been a part of their teams over the ages:

• Guilermo Aldaz• Ricardo Caruso Lombardi• Rene Houseman• Gabriel Pereya