Club Comunicaciones

Country Argentina Argentina
City Agronomia
Founded 1931

Club Communicaciones began as a social club from Agronomia in Buenos Aires. Football was a part of the many factilities they offered and soon became the primary driving force for the club. Although the club has mainly been restricted to the lower divisions of football, they have won a number of trophies at the minor leagues.

The club’s orignial name was Club Atletico Correos y Telegrafos but it was changed to its current name in 1953.


Club Communicaciones won the Primera C Division title in 1969, their first major title. Relegated further down after their initial promotion, the team won the Primera D Metropolitana’s Apertura title in 1996 and the Primera C Metropolitana’s Clausura title in 2005.

Team Roster

Name Position
Michael Umaña Corrales Costa Rica defender
Agustin Enrique Herrera Mexico forward
José De Jesús Calderón Frías Panama goalkeeper
José Manuel Contreras Guatemala midfielder

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