Founded in 1913, Club Atletico Talleres are an athletics club based out of Cordoba. The club’s football team is the most recognized team for the club. The club, founded by members of the Cordoba Central Railway, is part of the Primera B Nacional division of Argentina.

The team began playing in the local Cordoba league in 1914. In 1925, they became a part of the National Amateur League before joining the Amateur Second Division. Once professionalism came into the sport in 1931, the club too turned professional but were soon relegated to the Second Division. They fought in the second division before being sent further down in 1960.

Country Argentina Argentina
City Cordoba
Founded 1913

They fought their way back up but the Argentine league structure was undergoing some re-structuring and that led to them being pushed straight into the Primera C Division for 2 seasons, before they could climb out of it.

For the decade starting 1970, the team oscillated between the First, Second and Third divisions, getting a second and third place finish at the Primera division. They dropped down only to climb back to the Primera division in 1993-94. But a terrible season saw the fall straight back. The team created history by being the first team from Cordoba to qualify for the 2001 Copa Mercosur and the 2002 Copa Libertadores.


Talleres have been crowned champions of the Primera B Nacional division in 1997-98. However, their big moment came in 1999 when they won the Copa CONMEBOL.

Talleres have had some big names playing for them through the years. Some of these names have been extremely essential in pulling the team through to the major finishes in the Primera A division:

• Hector Baley• Mario Cuenca• Luis Adolfo Galvan• Hugo Ernesto Gottardi• Victor Ruben Lopez• Jose Luis Pochettino• Alberto Tarantini• Marcelo Trobbiani