Based in Cordoba, Club Atletico Belgrano currently plays in the second division and is more popular outside Buenos Aires. With nearly 10,000 member, the last season of the team was attended by nearly 32,000 fans.

Founded in 1905, the club began with a group of teenagers, and 14-year old Arturo Orgaz was the first president of the club. Named after General Manuel Belgrano, a historical figure, the colors of the team have been taken from the flag of Argentina.

Country Argentina Argentina
City Cordoba
Founded 1905

They began with the second division in the local Cordoba league in 1908, and won the championship, as well as the following two, which promptly upgraded them the local league. With lack of funds, Belgrano’s players and fans used to erect the required protections for the first division, using borrowed wires, fences and post. Even though they duly returned all they material they ‘borrowed’, they soon developed the nickname Piratas or Pirates.

Soon the Federacion Cordobesa de Futbol was set up and Belgrano went on to bag their first championship in 1913. In 1929, Gigante de Alberdi, one of the first cemented stadiums in Argentina was finished, and it was renovated in 1997 to meet first and second national division standards.Belgrano managed to play up to the Nacional tournament in 1968, and started playing in the second division in 1986.

They reached Primera Division in 1992, where they remained till 1996. After relegation they returned to the top division in 1998, to be relegated once again in the 2001-02 season. They returned in the 2006-07 season, after they beach Olimpo de Bahia Blanca in the Promocion 2005-06, and were soon relegated to second division after they were defeated in a Promotion playoff berth. Some former players of repute include Marcelo Delgado, Orvaldo Ardiles, Tomas Cuellar and many others.