Quilmes Atletico Club

Country Argentina Argentina
City Quilmes
Founded 1887

The oldest football club in Argentina, Quilmes Atletico Club was formed in 1887. Founded by J. T. Stevenson in Quilmes, the club started off with the name Quilmes Robers club but later changed it to Quilmes Athletic Club in 1900. The team only comprised of Brits at the time. In 1950, the team finally changed its name to the current version to preserve the Spanish form.

The team is known as The Brewers mainly due to the Cerveza Quilmes brewery that sponsors them. The team started construction on a new stadium in 1987 and in 1995, it was officially inaugurated. In 1998, renovations increased the size of the stadium to what it is today.

The club also provides facilities for other sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and Hockey. Their Hockey team is the most prolofic of all having won 13 titles in the men’s and 17 in the women’s versions of the game.

The team has had numerous great players who have been a part of their squad including:

• Daniel Bertoni• Libaldo Fillol• Jorge Gaspari• Horacio Salinas• Nelson Vivas• Guillermo Zarate

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Team Roster

Name Position
Carlos Matheu Argentina defender
Mariano Pavone Argentina forward
Adrian Calello Argentina midfielder
Leandro Diaz Argentina midfielder

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