Atletico Platense are based out of the Vicente Lopez neighbourhood in the northern side of Buenos Aires. Founded in 1905, the team are one of the identities of Argentine football despite having been relegated on a number of occasions.

The team was part of the second division for over 12 years during which they won their first title. Promoted to the Primera Division, the team survived in the top flight year after year solely on the basis of last-day miracles. It wasn’t until 1999 that they got relegated again and thus began a series of misfortunes for the club.

Country Argentina Argentina
City Vicente Lopez
Founded 1905

In two years, the team was down to the Primera B Metropolitana league but in 2006, managed to gain promotion to the Primera B Nacional division again.

Famous players from the club were/are:• Claudio Borghi• Adrian Domenech• David Trezeguet• Jose Yudica