Comisión de Actividades Infantiles Comodoro Rivadavia

Country Argentina Argentina
City Comodora Rivadavia
Founded 1984

Known as CAI, the Comision de Actividades Infantiles Comodoro Rivadavia is an Argentine football team that plays out of the Comodoro Rivadavia in Patagonia. Founded in 1984, the club was mainly built for youngsters and it started off with many sports. However, in 1989, a decision was taken to make football the primary sport of the club and thus began their persual of top flght football. Their home ground, the Estadio Municipal de Comodoro Rivadavia holds 10,000 people.

The club is the youngest of all the football teams in the top two national level divisions of Argentina. The primary focus of the club has always been to develop youngsters from the region and put them at the world stage.

The team has only won one trophy in the form of the Torneo Argentino A, which it won in 2001-02.

Some of the big names in the team were/are:

• Martin Cabrera• Franco Miranda• Jose Leonardo Lilloa

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