Florencio Varela, the capital of Florencio Varela Partido, in the Buenos Aires province of Argentina is host to the Club Social y Deportivo Defensa y Justicia, a football club founded in 1935. The team waited till 1977 until the Argentine FA recognized them and allowed them to participate in the Primera D Metropolitana division. The team was quick in rising through the ranks and in 1982, gained promotion to the Primera C Metropolitana. 3 seasons later, they were in the Primera B Metropolitana and a year later, they were playing in the Primera B Nacional division of Argentina.


The team won the Primera D division title in 1982, the Primera C Division title in 1985 and the Primera B Metropolitana in 1986. These titles were in quick succession and were an ominous sign of things to come. Unfortunately, their next title didn’t come until they won the Primera B Metropolitana in 1997 by winning the Clausura tournament.

Country Argentina Argentina
City Florencio Varela
Founded 1935

Their notable players are/were:

• Esteban Solari• Pablo Ariel Luguercio• Ricardo Villa