Atletico San Martin are based out of Tucuman and have just been promoted to the Premier division of the Argentine football league, in 2008. The team has mostly been in the Second division and before 2009, has played only 2 seasons in the top-flight before.

The first was in 1988-89 when the highlight of the season was a 6-1 win over Boca Juniors at the Bombonera stadium. Atletico San Martin went down in the same year and again came to the to-flight in 1991-92. Once again, their tryst with the top division only lasted one year.

Country Argentina Argentina
City Tucuman
Founded 1909


Atletico San Martin have won 5 trophies since their inception. The Copa de la Republica was their first title in 1944. Then, a long wait led them to the Torneo Argentino C title in 1988. The team won the Torneo Argentina B title in 2005 and the Clausura in 2006.

In 2007-08, they won their first Second Division Championships to qualify for top-flight football.

Some great players to have played for the club were/are:

• Carlos Morales Santos• Ricardo Villa• Armando Dely Valdes