Bristol Rovers FC

Country England England
City Bristol
Founded 1883
Football League One

Bristol Rovers is an English football club based in Bristol. They currently feature in League One.

Bristol Rovers were established in 1883 as Black Arabs FC and before they finally assumed their current name in 1898, they were also known as Eastville Rovers and Bristol Eastville Rovers.

Bristol Rovers were allowed entry into the Football League in 1920 and have been there ever since. Their best ever finishes were in 1958 and 1959, when they finished sixth in the second tier of English football.

Bristol Rovers play their home matches at the Memorial Stadium that can accommodate 12,011 spectators. They bear the nicknames “The Pirates” and “The Gas”.

Team Roster

Name Position
Lewis Jack Gibson England defender
Sylvester Jasper England forward
Anssi Jaakkola Finland goalkeeper
Stuart Taylor England goalkeeper
Wayne Brown England midfielder
Paul Coutts Scotland midfielder
Jordan Rossiter England midfielder
Glenn Whelan Ireland midfielder

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