FC Spartak Moscow is a Russian football club based in the city of Moscow. They currently feature in the Russian Premier League and one of the most successful football clubs in Russia.

FC Spartak Moscow were founded in 1921 as the Moscow Sport Circle and were later renamed as Krasnaya Presnya. The club soon developed as an important club in Moscow and started competiting with local rivals Dynamo Moscow.

Soon the club was rechristened as Spartak Moscow and became part of the Spartak Sports Society on April 19,1935. They won the second Soviet Top League in 1936.

Spartak Moscow win the last USSR Championship in 1989 and dominating in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Regime. Between 1992 and 2001 Spartak had won all but one Russian Premier League title and have been featuring in the UEFA Champions League on a regular basis. So far Sparta have won 9 of the 16 Russian Premier League titles.

FC Spartak Moscow play their home matches at the Luzhniki Stadium that can host 84,754 spectators. They bear the nicknames Meat and Red-Whites. Sometimes they are also called the Pigs, which the supporters find offensive for understandable reasons.

Country Russian Federation Russian Federation
City Moscow
Founded 1922

They then started to dominate proceedings in the Soviet Top League along with Dynamo Moscow and won several Top League titles and Cups, going onto establish themselves as a top force both in the USSR and in Europe.

Some of the achievements of the club are:-11 Champion of the USSR titles-9 Champion of Russia titles-10 USSR Cup