The professional football team from Buenos Aires, Club Atletico Huracan was founded in 1908, though evidence has been found of a previous date, May 25th, 1903. With San Lorenzo de Almagro as their main rivals, the team started playing in the Primera Division Argentina, after the 2006-07 season. This was a result of a 5-2 win against Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba, in a playoff match.

Huracan had their biggest highpoint in 1973, after they nabbed the Metropolitano championship, which resulted in their first and only first division title, before professional football came into the scene. They went on to win Second Division championships in 1989-90 and 1999-2000 seasons. Before professional football was established, the team won the Argentine leagues in 1921, 1922, 1925 and 1928.

Country Argentina Argentina
City Buenos Aires
Founded 1908

Despite having played mostly in the second division, Huracan has only los top category placement a few times, and remains one of the most popular teams in the country. In fact Huracan fans have a special name and are known as Quemeros, or Burners, as their current stadium stands on a garbage burning station.

Some of the other professional titles they have won include, Copa Britanica, in 1944, Copa Consuelo in 1933 and Copa Adrian Escobar, in 1942 and 1943. Alfio Basile, Guillermo Stabile, Osvaldo Ardiles and Alfredo Obberti are some of the more prominent former players of the team.