Clube Atletico Mineiro

Country Brazil Brazil
City Belo Horizonte
Founded 1908
Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A

Clube Atletico Mineiro is Brazilian football team that plays in Brazilian Serie A after winning the Brazilian Serie B in 2006.

The club was founded by 22 middle-class boys in 1908.

Atletico Mineiro has won the Brazilian League once in 1971.

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Team Roster

Name Position
Junior Osmar Ignacio Alonso Mujica Paraguay defender
Rever Alves Brazil defender
Guilherme Antonio Arana Lopes Brazil defender
Humberto Araujo Brazil defender
Jemerson de Jesus Nascimento Brazil defender
Mariano Filho Brazil defender
Fred Chaves Brazil forward
Alan Kardec de Souza Pereira Junior Brazil forward
Rever Araujo Brazil midfielder
Givanildo Vieira de Souza Portugal midfielder

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