Associazione Calcio Ancona is an Italian football club based in Ancona, Marche. They currently feature in Serie B.

AC Ancona were established in 1905 as Unione Sportiva Anconitana. They played in spells in Serie B before World War II and a few years later but they didn’t reach that level until 1988.

In 1992 Ancona gained promotion to Serie A. In 1993 they reached the final of the Italian Cup but were defeated by Sampdoria. But they went on a decline after that and regained promotion to Serie B in 2000 and to Serie A in 2003.

AC Ancona play their home matches at the Stadio del Conero that can accommodate 23,983 spectators. They bear the nickname “Dorici”.

Country Italy Italy
City Ancona
Founded 1905

But that was the end of Ancona’s fairytale as they were relegated from the Italian top flight and were forced to Serie C2 because of financial problems. But they eventually started to gather stability and are now currently in Serie B.