Toulouse Football Club is a French football club based in the city of Toulouse, Haute-Garonne. They currently feature in the French Ligue 1.

Touluse were established in 1937 as Toulouse Football Club but in 1967 sold their players and place in the French top flight to Red Star Paris. The club were refounded on May 25, 1970 as Union Sportive Toulouse and featured the junior players of Gascogne and ACE Mermoz-Bonnefoy.

Country France France
City Toulouse
Founded 1937

In 1977 they rechristened themselves as Toulouse Football Club and in 1982 gained promotion to the first division in the French league. In 1984 they even played in the UEFA Cup. They finished third in the 1986-1987 season and this still remains their best finish in the league standings.

But a period of decline followed as the club were relegated to D2 by 1994. They struggled to resurface in the 1990s and played either in D1 or D2. In 2001 they almost lost their professional status. But in the next two seasons they returned to the French Ligue 1 and even finished third in the league once.

But they have since struggled to maintain that momentum and in the 2007-2008 barely managed to stave off relegation.

Toulouse play their home matches at the Municipal Stadium that can accommodate 35,472 spectators. The club bears the nicknames TFC and le tef.

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