Rosenborg is Norway’s most prominent football club and has won 20 league titles and nine Cups. The team has been a dominator in Norway since the early nineties. The home games are played at the Lerkendal Stadion, with a Rosenborg Ballklub (BBK) is a Norwegian football club based in Trondheim. They currently feature in the Norwegian Premier League and are the most successful club in Norway, hving won the league 20 times and the Norwegian Cup nine times.

Rosenborg were established as Sportsklubben Odd on May 19,1917 by twelve young men from Rosenborg in Trondheim. They played in the regional series only in 1927 and on October 26,1928 were rechristened as Rosenborg Ballklub.

In 1960 Rosenborg made their entry into the Norwegian top flight and won the Cup that year. They won the Cup again in 1964 but suffered relegation.

Rosenborg won the Norwegian Premier League again in 1969 and then in 1971, in which they won the Cup too, making it their first Double-winning year in their history.

Country Norway Norway
City Trondheim
Founded 1917

In 1967 Rosenborg were back in the Norwegian top flight and won their first league title that very same year. They then played in the European Cup.

Rosenborg had to wait until 1985 to gain their fourth Norwegian league title but thereafter they started dominating domestic Norwegian football. They won the Norwegian Premier League 13 times in a row from 199 onwards and played in the UEFA Champions League in 1995 too. Then went onto play in Europe’s top tier club competition eleven times in the next twelve years.

Rosenborg won the Norwegian Premier League in 2004 and the in 2006.

Rosenborg play their home matches at the Lerkendal Stadion that can accommodate 21,850 spectators. They bear the nickname “The Troll Kids”.