Sportiva Calcio Adelaide

Country Ghana Ghana
City Tema, Greater Accra
Founded 1995

Sportiva Calcio Adelaide is commonly known as Adelaide or also as S.C. Adelaide. This is a Ghanaian professional football club which has its base in Tema, Greater Accra. Presently, this club is competing in the Ghana Division Three League. Most of their history, this team has spent as a youth football team, but recently they have converted into a senior team in second tier of the Ghana Football Leagues.

Initially this club had started as a football club, converting to multiple sports. Now, there are various departments to this club like athletics, handball, basketball, volleyball, swimming and many others. The motto of this club is Deo Juvante, meaning with God’s help. The nickname of this team is Azzuri Bashers and the home ground of the team is Christ Church Stadium, which can seat 10,000 spectators. The manager of the team is Johannes Van der Heyden.

The club was initially started to aid the youth in the community to take active part in sport activities. Named after St. Adelaide of Italy, Adelaide aim was to develop talents and also to raise up a generation, that will be brave to face the world practically. This would make the nation as well as the continent proud. The club, in honor of their origin, has even retained the Italian name, Sportiva Calcio Adelaide, rather than changing the name to Adelaide Sporting Club.

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